Historical background

Constant development, driven since the firm’s creation by an active policy of promoting "entrepreneurial" lawyers to the rank of Partner

  • Founded in 1993, FROMONT BRIENS today employs near 170 lawers, working between two offices (in both Paris and Lyon), in Partner led teams comprising dedicated associates.
  • Since its inception, the cornerstone of FROMONT BRIENS’ undenied internal growth and swift development has been the promotion of our Associates and fee earners, for the most part recruited at graduation, to the rank of Partner.
  • Our work tool is supported by an all-comprehensive documentation system, run by research librarians and more especially an electronic data processing tool, a genuine “collective memory bank” of our know how for the pooling of all our work and experience.
  • FROMONT BRIENS contributes to doctrine via the regular publishing of reference works and articles, close collaboration with Labour and Employment law academics and discussions of a technical nature vetted by a scientific consultant.
  • ISO 9001 certification for the corpus of our work has enhanced client satisfaction and bolstered our organisation.
  • FROMONT BRIENS is also co-chair of the "Labour Law Practice Group” of TERRALEX, an international legal network.