Vocational training

Conceive and secure the tools and the strategies of the continuous vocational training

  • The firm brings to his clients its experience on vocational training matters advising its clients as well as assisting them during pre-litigation situations and litigation proceedings. 
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  • Our expertise as adviser includes:
    • Identifying needs and adapted solutions, guiding our clients through collective bargaining process and drafting agreements concerning every level of collective bargaining (industry-wide, groups, companies), notably in articulation with the human resources plans (GPEC), and optional or non-optional redundancy plans.
      Examples: transposition of the statutory and interprofessional evolutions in industry-wide agreements (general multi-industry agreement); implement internal devices bringing several thousands of employees from one type of activity to another in the same firm through vocational training programs and human resources plans (GPEC). 
    • Assisting companies to conceive training plans to comply with the wide obligation to secure "the employability" of the employees as well as to conduct the procedures of information and consultations before the employees’ representations councils (personnel representative institutions, Work councils for instance) on the matter.
      Example: securing an information and consultation process involving a national level and a decentralized level of representation of the employees, for large companies. 
    • Advising companies and industry-wide organizations in the conception of vocational training policies in order to optimize the funding and the access to the mutualized funds and to increase the efficiency by drafting adequate legal tools, and to highlight the good practices in those firms.
      Examples: audit the provisions set up in all the agreements whatever the level of collective bargaining; implement industry-wide plans allowing to benefit from funding from Pole Employment or Regions. 
    • Advising the various actors of the vocational training activity: companies, industry-wide organizations; vocational training providers, OPCA (representative organization that collects compulsory training funds).
      Examples: grouping or creation of OPCA ; conception and presentation of products, assistance to apply to the administration for the creation of an organism provider of vocational training services; implementation of follow-up mechanisms during its activity to secure it with regard to increasing administrative controls. 
  • Our expertise as litigators includes the skills to assist our clients on every kind of litigations involving vocational training activities, concerning the management of the relationships with the representation of employees’ institutions, the employees themselves and the relationship with the administration or between actors of the system.
  • The firm has developed specific skills when it comes to control by the DIRECCTE (labour administrative authorities) on vocational training providers and companies.
    • Onsite and remote assistance.
      Examples: actual presence beside the employer before and during the control itself, technical preparation of employees who might be interviewed by the bodies of control. 
    • Challenging the possible decisions of the DIRECCTE in particular the one implementing financial penalties.
      Examples: drafting submissions to challenge administrative decisions at every step of administrative controls and before courts. 
    • Implementing corrective measures to prevent and/or comply with administrative decisions.
      Examples: securing the administrative process of vocational training sales, auditing the accounting management practices.