Rendering growth forecasts or business realignment feasible, even in a climate of risk

  • FROMONT BRIENS is a participant to be reckoned with in the field of restructuring given its practitioners’ capacity to analyse the most complex cases and implement innovative tools to secure restructuring projects.
  • Reorganisation projects and collective redundancies :
    • Defining global strategy
      Examples of the assistance we provide: Proposal for the intra-branch lending of labour instead of a forced redundancy plan
    • Assistance during initial phase of analysis on the economic grounds underlying the project
      Examples of the assistance we provide: assisting Human Resources Management in cooperation with the Finance Department in the analysis and preparation of economic grounds to support arguments and drafting of the economic note (“Book II”)
    • Drafting of the restructuring plan, with “real” cost calculations and optimisation
      Examples of the assistance we provide: preparation, drafting and targeting of the measures contained in the restructuring plan (“Book I”), validation of criteria for dismissal, of professional categories, of redeployment and outplacement advice and other measures
    • General coaching throughout the project, definition, consultation procedures, enforcement and management of possible contentious fallout
      Examples of the assistance we provide: preparation of time frames for the procedure, validation of redeployment offers, redundancy letters, drafting of the request for authorisation for protected employees, back-up for on-site HR managers, validation of responses given to the Works Council, preparation of Q&As, etc.
    • Monitoring of projects with a “high risk” content
      Examples of the assistance we provide: forestalling litigation via the negotiation of a method settlement, coaching sessions to prepare for incidents that might arise during the proceedings, for handling situations of stalemate with the Works Councils or for summary proceedings
  • Transfer of an undertaking :
    • Assistance with the legal qualification of the project
      Examples of the assistance we provide: case study of the legal aspects and steering of the project depending on objectives in the case of companies with distinctive collective bargaining agreements
    • Determining the consequential effects of the project
      Examples of the assistance we provide: comprehensive and operational review of the practical consequences of the transfer: ranging from the transfer of employment contracts and collective “status” to what is to become of the Works Council budgets