Employee savings schemes and stock option schemes

Specialists who view their work from a financial and accounting perspective

  • Reaching beyond the Labour Law aspects of employee savings to view issues from a financial and accounting perspective at company and group level.
  • Auditing and application of mechanisms :
    • Profit sharing (statutory, derogatory, optional, supplement)
    • Gain sharing (designation of a method best suited to company needs, supplement)
    • PERCO/PERCO I (Company savings schemes and company, inter-company and group savings schemes for retirement)
    • Time savings scheme
    • Option to buy, free allotment, or company or group stock option plans, whether listed or not (validation of the minutes of general shareholders’ meetings or Board meetings, the drafting of allotment rules or the information memo)
  • Handling litigation :
    • Public Authority refusal to validate agreements or plans
    • Claims brought by employees or former employees
    • URSSAF assessments and adjustments
      Examples of the assistance we provide: advance rulings on social issues, responses to observation letters on a free stock allotment plan, etc.