As an approved training centre, FROMONT BRIENS offers in-house or inter company training courses

  • As an approved training centre we propose learning modules which may be financed by the training budget. Our administrative department can handle all the formalities for validation of the requisite financing.
  • In this respect, we propose an annual training programme open to all and we can arrange in-house workshops and training seminars.
  • The best ranked specialist training centres regularly request the lawyers of FROMONT BRIENS to give training.
  • Whatever the subject, our approach is the same :
    • straight forward and easily understandable speech
    • using case studies to facilitate understanding, MCQs, role plays, etc.
    • using detailed audio-visual and reading aids, distributing texts, case law and government authority viewpoints, plus a powerpoint or slide summary of the presentation
  • Our training programmes focus as much on Employment Law issues e.g. "Chairing a Works Council”, “Processing Pay”, “Labour Law and Management”, “How to manage an URSSAF assessment”, “How to handle end-of-careers”, etc., as on social insurance issues and Compensation & benefits policy e.g. "The fundamentals for handling company retirement long term disability and AD&D”, “Taxation and social insurance costs on retirement and AD&D”, “the Evin Act”, “Recent developments in employee savings plans”, etc.